About Me【English and Me】



Hi there, I am LINGO.

Well, I have never introduced myself in English before.

It’s time to start writing blog in English.

Who I am ?


-was born and raised in Osaka

-newbee bloger

-lived ca. 1 year in Germany(Munich)

-lived ca. 8 months in Ireland(Dublin)

Why started blogging?

want to tell someone about traveling or studing abroad and my unique experience.

Why lived in Dublin (Ireland)?

I was too old to get working holiday visa at the moment.

My flatmat’s boyfriend was Irish. She lived in Dublin before, thought move to Ireland. She said ” Ireland is beautiful emerald country, live fairys, safty and everyday pub.”  I didn’t get them. How to connect Fairys and Pubs.

Anyway I tried to learn English again there.

What was hard for me in Ireland?

Bad weather, everyday bad weather, mumbling+Irish accent

How did I hear rainy sound + mumbling + Irish accent ?

What is good thing to study  in Ireland?

Bad weather makes you good mood to stay home.
Guinness makes you more talkative.